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Hardt’s EnergyWise program is dedicated to continuously improving product design, in order to help our clients realize their sustainability goals. We also enforce environmentally-friendly practices in our production facility and office.


Helping You Meet Your Sustainability Goals


  • The Blaze, Inferno 3500 and Inferno GC gas rotisseries are built using Hardt’s patented Black Body technology. This has helped reduce energy consumption by 50% relative to most comparable rotisseries.


  • Our patented Zone technology is used on our line of hot cases. It monitors the temperature of the heating plates in multiple locations throughout the merchandiser’s surface, ensuring energy consumption only when it is required.


  • Our ovens are insulated with state-of-the-art materials to reduce energy waste.


  • Hardt’s equipment includes “sleep” or “low energy” modes when not in use.


  • As often as possible LED lighting is used in our products.

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